on Parliamentary Assistance

BEN_0008Harald Schenker from the DDLGN Focal Point team introduced participants to donors’ experience in supporting local and national parliaments in their various functions within a democratic State. There are a series of challenges when working with parliaments: slow, complex and inherently political processes. But parliaments have a key role in providing legitimacy and accountability to democratic governance. A variety of forms of and entry points for support were listed, in relation to the law-making role, the representation and the oversight role were listed,  and partly have been tested by SDC in a variety of contexts, Parliament administration might be an important partner to support.

Parliamentary Support Pemba

pdf-xsYou can download Harald’s presentation here.

Global mapping and analysis of parliamentary strengthening

Katharina Häberli and Franklin de Vrieze

Franklin de Vrieze, Democracy Reporting International, presented the  results from his study on “global mapping and analysis of parliamentary strengthening”.

Katharina Häberli and Franklin de Vrieze made comments on the various and modalities of parliamentary support and added on from an experienced expert perspective.

pdf-xsYou can download Franklin’s speech here pdf-xsGlobal mapping and analysis of parliamentary strengthening

Group discussions

The group discussions went around practical experience of SDC in different contexts. For example, in Macedonia and Cambodia, SDC provides different kinds of  support through the respective parliamentary institutes:

pdf-xsYou can also download the discussion boards here.

Further reading

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pdf-xsInternational Mapping

pdf-xsMapping SDC

pdf-xsPresentation 16.06.2015