Talking to local authorities

This day participants were invited to go out to have a glimpse to the reality of Mozambique. During the last 15 years a decentralization process is ongoing with a gradual and partial devolution of tasks and responsibilities to the 53 municipalities, with elected mayors and assemblies. In parallel de-concentration of tasks and services as well as resources to provinces and districts takes place, in a rather complex multitier set-up. Consultative councils provide opportunities to citizens to express their views at different levels of territorial governance.

pdf-xsFull presentation on field vitists

pdf-xsGuiding questions for field visits


Participants had the opportunity to meet several de-concentrated authorities, technical staff and consultative councils in two districts where the SDC funded Programme for Governance, Water and Sanitation ProGoAs is operated by HELVETAS.

pdf-xsSwiss Cooperation Strategy with Mozambique 2012-2016 (English)

Participants looked at “what works” as well as the challenges with regard to district planning and budgeting processes, community development and  participation in planning and budgeting. Participants observed and discussed many issues with local authorities, and  drew a complex picture of reality that stimulated their own reflection on decentralized and participatory governance. A wealth of visual impressions were brought back from the short excursion.