Personal learning journeys: The aftermath

The f2f event is over. The last two days introduced the participants to fiscal decentralization and intergovernmental fiscal transfer schemes. The latter particular being rather technical but highly important within the national governance system.

With so much input, what do the participants take home? It is not easy to make the step from a stimulating workshop to program reality. So let’s ask our interviewees: What did they appreciate about the workshop the most? And which new ideas would they like to implement once back in office?

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dubbed perceptions supports organizations in their use of audio-visual media for communication, documentation, knowledge sharing and e-learning. dubbed perceptions creates audiovisual works, be it film, visual installation, or video game. Both the institutional support as well as the audiovisual art spheres share common work processes: Networking and empowering project partners to harness their point of view, while introducing wit and the arc of suspense in order to tell a good story.

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