Feedback from the participants

BEN_0058The face-to-face meeting ended with a positive feed-back to the organizers: Many participants said that the meeting’s topics and methodology were relevant and useful, and they will be able to take back to office a series of learnings from experts and peers. The meeting showed the wealth of experience available and commitment within SDC, and a huge potential for fruitful exchange among peers. The DDLGN will continue to be useful to its members – and serve as a catalyst for expertise and experience sharing and learning  among specialists inside and outside SDC.

Ursula König from the moderation team asked the participants to evaluate the event. These pictures tell you the evaluation results:

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dubbed perceptions supports organizations in their use of audio-visual media for communication, documentation, knowledge sharing and e-learning. dubbed perceptions creates audiovisual works, be it film, visual installation, or video game. Both the institutional support as well as the audiovisual art spheres share common work processes: Networking and empowering project partners to harness their point of view, while introducing wit and the arc of suspense in order to tell a good story.

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