Fiscal Decentralisation – background documents

pdf-xsBoadway, Robin; Shah, Anwar (eds). 2007. Intergovernmental Fiscal Transfers, Principles and Practice. Public Sector Governance and Accountability Series, World Bank, Washington DC.

pdf-xsLitvack, Jennie. 1998. Decentralization Briefing Notes, World Bank, Washington DC.

pdf-xsLOGIN Asia. 2014. Distance Learning Programme on Fiscal Decentralization. Delhi.

pdf-xsSDC. 2013. Learning Book, Sustainable Local Government Finances, Berne.

pdf-xsVaillancourt, François; Roch-Hansen, Catherine. 2012. An Introduction to Transfers. Municipal Finance E-Learning Course, World Bank, Washington DC.

pdf-xsNALAS Report: Fiscal decentralization indicators for South-East Europe: 2006-2013, Network of Associations of Local Authorities of S-E Europe, January 2015
For further reading visit the NALAS webpage.

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