Experience sharing among peers

In the afternoon the programme focused on concrete experience on ways and means how to promote accountability from a systemic perspective. Based on programme experience presented by participants from Pakistan, Bhutan, Mali, Macedonia, the region of East – South Africa, group discussions went around promoting accountability in different contexts, particularly in situations of fragility. Participants exchanged their experience and discussed achievements and challenges so far.

You can download the pin board on the country examples here:

 Bhutanpdf-xs  ESADpdf-xs  Pakistanpdf-xs
Malipdf-xs  Macedoniapdf-xs

The discussions helped them to get a better idea what Accountability means. In this short video the participants were asked to describe accountability in just 3 words:

Synthesized results from the groups’ discussions were presented to the plenary. You can watch the full restitution in this video:

The presentations were then further commented and discussed by the experts who had intervened in the morning. The expert panel found that SDC’s accountability work is strong in many aspects, and identified some areas for improvement. While many key accountability issues are often addressed in SDC’s interventions, they should be integrated in a more systematic and systemic way. It is not only about promoting accountability mechanisms but about thinking and working politically. SDC could also more systematically look at what works, and reflect on how we can learn from each other despite the contextual differences we are working in. The experts also pointed to the fact that the assumptions and hypotheses of change behind our interventions are often not explicit and visible enough so it is more difficult to adapt to often rapidly changing circumstances.

systematic = in a methodical, organised way
systemic = relating to a system

The insights or questions were then discussed with the experts in a lively discussion. You can watch the full video here:

pdf-xsYou can download the recommendation boards here.

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