Further reading

If you desire to learn more about the topic, please consider this reading list:

pdf-xsThe World Bank Social Accountability contextual drivers (how to assess the context)

pdf-xsThe broader mapping context resource paper

linkAnuradha Joshi’s paper on causal chains and context

linkOn technology for accountability: All the IDS MAVC (Making all voices count) material

linkThe ODI sector characteristics work (relevant to accountability )

linkGeneral information about International IDEA
linkThe guide on Democratic Accountability in Service Delivery … and the one page version

linkInternational IDEA’s State of Democracy and State of Local Democracy frameworks

linkThe World Development Report 2014 of the World Bank – Making Services Work for the Poor

pdf-xsDAC guidelines: accountability and democratic governance: orientations and principles for development

pdf-xsInternational IDEA: Democratic accountability in service delivery (short version here)


pdf-xsA report from the assessment of democratic accountability in solid waste management in three capital districts in Malawi (International IDEA)


pdf-xsSeven papers covering 20 cases on the use and possible effects of democratic accountability (International IDEA)


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dubbed perceptions supports organizations in their use of audio-visual media for communication, documentation, knowledge sharing and e-learning. dubbed perceptions creates audiovisual works, be it film, visual installation, or video game. Both the institutional support as well as the audiovisual art spheres share common work processes: Networking and empowering project partners to harness their point of view, while introducing wit and the arc of suspense in order to tell a good story.

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