… to the online report from the SDC DDLGN f2f event in 2015! During one week DDLG network members and experts discussed new cooperation trends in regard to governance, decentralisation and democratisation. This blog is a vessel for all discussions, presentations, documents and reports from the event. Use this wealth of material for inspiring initiatives in your field of work!

SDC = Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation
DDLGN = Democratization, Decentralisation and Local Governance Network
f2f = Face to face event

You can browse the blogĀ  and its material in two ways:

A: Go to the programme page for a chronological order. B: Surf the available material by topic, which you find in the menu bar.

linkHERE you can download written reports
from the event

Manuel Sager, Director General of SDC, on DDLG

At the launch of the event, Manuel Sager, Director General of SDC, addressed the participants in a video message. Mr. Sager emphasizes the importance of DDLG for the impact of SDC work. Also Mr. Sager addresses SDC employees in the cooperation offices directly:

I would like to address especially our NPOs and implementing partners. You are the backbone of our work in the field. You know the contexts, you know the systems, and you know the people. You have a crucial role in analyzing the needs in our countries of operation, in devising the programs and projects, and in implementing them efficiently and effectively. We value your opinion as highly as we appreciate your technical work.

Regional priorities – global discussions

The week prior to the DDLGN f2f event, the SDC Eastern and Southern Africa division held their workshop at the same location in Mozambique. This regional workshop combined with the DDLGN event is an example of how regional priorities and global thematic discussions nurture each other. While the regional workshop focused on social accountability the DDLGN event’s first topic was the question of accountability in political systems.

Annonciata Ndikumasabo gives us a short overview of the regional workshop and what questions she takes to the f2f event.

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